How to Set an Intention Into Your Mala

Continuing from our last conversation, it is time to start the inner dialogue. Don’t belabour the process and make it a chore. Remember you are great company! Start gently and with kindness. Keep it simple and act from a place of purity. If you need to do it intellectually, write down 4-5 things you would like to bring into your life and allow materialism in as well, that doesn’t make you a selfish person. Then pare this list down again and again, until you find that common thread.  You may find that the initial ‘materialism statement’ been consumed by the general acknowledgement that there is a need to witness the abundance that exists? It always surprises me, and others I have watched perform this exercise, that the material wants fall to the wayside as this journey inwards commences.

Now take this common thread(s) and try and economize on words so that you still understand the thrust of your intention(s). If you cannot narrow it to one, that is okay. Your mala can hold up to 5 intentions and who makes up these rules anyway? Find a quiet spot, away from the maddening crowd, perhaps a place you choose to practice your mantra recitation, a sacred spot that speaks to your heart, or seated underneath a beautiful tree. If it is in your practice to bring in white light through your crown and seek grounding from Mother Earth, please do so, but if not, the only requirement to addressing spirit is to ‘come as you are’. Gently hold your mala and make the mental connection with your intention and allow it to flow through your essence: enabling your breath to do its work. Don’t make this complicated because it is not, however you do this is naturally correct…these are just suggestions.