Care & Maintenance

Upon receiving your mala:

Please be sure and cleanse your gemstones to  clear them  of any unnecessary energy before you set your intention. There is magnificent work ahead for you and these little powerhouses and you’ll be required to do laundry regularly to clear out the buildup of negative energy from your progress! To keep your ‘rocking’ synergy happening I recommend that you periodically cleanse them by:

  • Burying them in sea salt or brown rice overnight.
  • Hang from the branches of a tree for at least 24 hours ideally (or if you can). Even a healthy houseplant will do!
  • Put them in direct contact with Mother Earth: place wrapped in a cloth on the soil.
  • Place in the sunlight for an afternoon. This is ideal for darker stones but delicate crystals like amethyst or rose quartz will fade in the sunlight.
  • Place in the moonlight for a few nights…yep the man in the moon can work his magic while you rest.
  • Sound your singing bowl or tingshas over your crystals 
  • Laying your malas on a selenite slab; or,
  • Use sage or palo santo and smudge your crystals!!

Truth be told, there are multiple ways to cleanse your rocks of negative energy but these are simple and that’s why I like them! Be careful of cleansing with water since some rocks, like Opals, don’t do well and break down.