About Julie

We often believe life is an accidental journey but as I look back there are moments of clarity that define how I came to be sitting here recounting my journey to you....moments that cause me to marvel at the challenge and joy of surrender. In 2014 I found myself drawn to the look of malas but the prices were too much for me. I had absolutely no idea about the relevance of malas but knew I liked the look and feel of them! Being a "do-it-yourselfer", when the opportunity arose in 2015 to help a friend out, I designed and crafted many wrist and traditional malas for that holiday season. This is when the magic began. I found myself drawn to combine crystals in certain designs and combinations and somehow, and I am not quite clear on this and that is okay, these pieces were named with loving messages that rang through so clearly. So, with a little trepidation that people might think I am crazy (pretty much a given) I acquiesced to a power greater than mine and so began the practice of naming each piece of spiritual armour, or mala as they are commonly known. I discovered that people are intuitively called to these crystal malas and  ready to hear the loving message spoken. This clarity of heart was brought home to me immediately as I began the practice of watching people being drawn to specific malas. It was an honour for me to meet the person this design was created for and the anticipation began the minute the mala was completed...who would the crystals beckon?  

This initial foray turned into a mission....I needed to consume as much information about crystals, and crystal healing as possible. I enrolled and completed courses for crystal healing and I now practice traditional crystal healing methods. Integrating this knowledge into my mala designs I could ensure that people would take specific crystal healing energies with them everyday. They could call upon it when needed. Crystals are longing to help us. They exist in their beautiful manifestation to bring relief to those willing to receive and and even those unwilling to believe...it just happens. 

I have endeavoured to find the best quality crystals for the malas and crystal jewellery and price it fairly. This was and probably will always be an important focus for me. Hand-knotting is time consuming, meditative and is a special feature of my traditional malas. It provides a much needed pause in your practice, a reminder for you to seek the gaps. I love the look and feel of a quality crystal as my hands move over them in practice. I become mesmerized and hope you experience the same, unless you close your eyes, then just feel the smoothness.

Most people begin the journey like I did, having absolutely no idea why they are drawn to malas...just that they are.: The crystal healing energy is immediately accessible to all whether you believe in it or not and the setting of a personal intention for opening up to possibility is easily comprehended and followed.  It is no secret we are all looking for a way to gently remind ourselves of our preciousness, It is my heartfelt intention to invite people to use their malas to bring them to a place of stillness and contentment though japa mala practice (using a sanskrit mantra or an affirmation like a mantra).  I realize  energizing a mala with mantras and seeking tranquility with a japa mala practice might not instantly speak to everyone but there is comfort in wearing this spiritual armour and having a touchstone to remind them of their perfection and bring them to peace . The quiet, the gaps, the pauses are an energetic gift that allows everyone to really discover the calm and gentleness within....what a wonderful journey this is! Thank you for allowing me to accompany you!