Slowing the Waves

Slowing the Waves

When I visit India, I strive to check in with at least one Jyotish. In the West, we would call them astrologers but there is most definitely a twist with them. I will attempt to give my layman’s interpretation of their purpose. To begin the reading they ask for your time, date and location of your birth. After sitting quietly, in front of their computers, pensively stroking their chins (see anecdotal!) they review your chart and depending on the Jyotishis’ specialty may predict or direct you on the best way to live in harmony with your dharma (true spiritual path). From there they then might tell you about your past, but most importantly, they try to provide direction for eluding the effect of Kethu and Reha. There is a very interesting story about these two influences that I would encourage you to read up that phenomenon. In brief, these two influences can wreak havoc, or block you from achieving your life’s purpose. Many ‘cures’ are offered up, whether it is having a puja (honouring of a deity), homa (same as puja but with fire), a mantra, or the wearing of a particular gemstone in a particular way. So many options!!

This visit I was told I should be wearing a pearl mala, and also wear moonstone and opal. I need to utilize the moons beautiful power to harness the waves of my mind. In short, I think too, too much. But who doesn’t? The most interesting aspect of this ‘cure’ is the fact that I have been called to these stones for the last 18 months in my designs. I love the balance and harmony that moonstone delivers to people navigating a world of ‘too much’. It brings a gentle stability. Yes, it can also be used as a fertility stone or for women facing menopausal challenges because it influences the sacral chakra, but it is so much more than that! Opal, is my birthstone, and I have always been drawn to it, but it is the pink opal that has been calling me to be woven into designs. It is a healing stone for the heart, recognizing that imperfections caused by events, mould our beautiful souls. We somehow think these ‘happenings’ leave us damaged and incomplete, instead of recognizing our resilience…beautiful pink opal’s energies helps to soothe the heart of these doubts.

Then there is the pearl. This has been a gemstone that has always called me. I remember watching TV and thinking how glamourous the women wearing peals looked….they had something extra. The pearls energies are borne from being a child of the water element. They are created from an invasion by a tiny foreign body: something that grates and irritates, requiring a defensive action of self-soothing and self-protection. Yep that sure does call home, doesn’t it? We are invited to gently float with the waves instead of trying to fight the current. We will arrive at our destination less tired and frustrated. Our tiny boat is resilient and won’t sink, ever…rest in that knowledge.

If any of these stones I have been encouraged to wear to soothe my savage beast of a mind call to you I have created some lovely malas for you to work with. As I am writing them, I note that they are all light in appearance… that is their effect! In many cases, I have combined the beautiful moonstone with sunstone, to introduce the sun and the moon element into the design ensuring that you will have everything you need in one beautiful piece! As always, if there are questions. I am happy to answer!

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