Called the Stone of Stability

Indian Agate Stone Mala Beads

This crystal works with a quiet and steady fortitude helping the wearer achieve stability and balance in many aspects of their lives by focusing on the cause of the issue, not the symptoms. This is a soothing crystal and there are so many agates bringing with them their own healing energies that we cannot name them all here. Agates are the ultimate karma yogis: always willing to lend a hand and ensure you are comfortable.

Great crystal for: mommas-to-be looking for self-assurance; new momma’s with the “baby blues”; rocking artists seeking stability in creativity; people who have strong desires for things they really don’t need; and, those of us wanting to be wrapped in a cozy blanket of inner stability, security and self-confidence after taking a good hard look inside (and who doesn’t?)

Chakra: Agates counter the effects of nasty emotions that may surface during meditation by flooding the chakras with love.


“I am everything I can imagine."

  Except the Queen or King, but then again, maybe you can be!!

Blue Lace Agate Srtone Mala Beads

 grey agate gray agate mala bead crystal healing

Black Agate Stone Mala Beads

Moss Agate Stone Mala Beads

nazar agate mala bead crystal healing evil eye protector