Amethyst Stone Mala Beads

The Artist/Composer’s Stone. This is a boomerang stone for sure! Negative energies are absorbed and sent back into the universe as positive, loving waves…how cool is that? But, and there always is a’ but’, it is a crystal that focuses on the roots of our ‘not so good’ behaviours (and we all have them) instead of those crazy little symptoms. It will aid us in overcoming actions that limit us by helping us make better choices. Amethyst has a calming, relaxing effect on our systems. Such a wonderful stone to have on our meditation journey.

Great Crystal for: people in relationships that don’t allow them to shine; people who enjoy things that ‘THEY’ say is bad for them (you know, the Surgeon General, and doctors); people looking to change negative behaviours and emotional patterns; people caught up in a whirlpool of extreme behaviour; stressed persons seeking relief; tired friends seeking a little inner strength; and, those looking to advance their meditation by stilling the stream of consciousness.

Chakra: This is a “two-fer” for two of the most powerful: third eye (brow) and crown chakra. When the 3rd eye is in balance our internal thoughts and communications are ‘happening and joyful’. Add balance to the crown chakra and we are on our way to meeting the divine (internally of course!)


“I make good choices for my well-being.” “THEY” will be so happy you did!

Amethyst Stone Mala Beads