Apatite Stone Mala Beads

This beautiful crystal, reminiscent of the sea, throws off unbelievable energies! It is a highly motivating crystal that also just happens to be great for manifestation! If you can imagine it, you can bring it to fruition! It is a stone that stimulates the throat chakra so it is great for public speakers or people struggling to speak their truth. As for meditation, this little stone is a good talisman for allowing you to get just that much deeper into the ‘wonder-fullness” of you and putting a little of those pesky karmic patterns to rest.

Great Crystal For: People seeking inner clarity and peace (who isn’t?); people looking to examine their past lives; public speakers and consultants; people wanting to achieve deeper states of meditation; and people wanting to express themselves in a kind and gentle way.

Chakra: This is most definitely a throat chakra stimulator but it works well with the third eye enhancing your intuition, creativity and reflection.


“I will express my fullness with loving kindness.”