Aquamarine Mala Beads on starfish themed table display

Also known as the Stone of the Sea in the ‘rock world’. This is a great crystal to provide courage and protection for those seeking clarity of thought, speech, and action. Aquamarine is provides a gentle energy that clears communication blocks, stimulates intellectual growth and arms you with the ability to solve complex situations backed up with solid reasoning and logic. Bonus but no, you cannot cover your body in this stone as it is clear and see-through which is really too bad! . Great Crystal for: those of us that have difficulty articulating those great thoughts  whirling in our mind at the appropriate time; unacknowledged geniuses; people needing to seek enlightenment by expanding their tolerance;, people looking to remove judgement from analysis (also known as discernment); those beginning a spiritual journey using crystals; and those looking to ‘go with the flow’ of life! Chakra: This is a powerful crystal for helping to balance the throat Chakra, which in layman’s terms serves as the release valve for the other chakras. If their energies cannot be expressed through the throat chakra ‘we have a problem Houston’.


I am resilient, compassionate and intuitive

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