Aventurine (red)

red aventurine, stone, mala beads, manifest, dream, orange beautyThis sunrise hued stone brings energy to all that gaze upon it, encouraging us to put thoughts whirling around in the brain into action. Its energy inspires us to get off the couch and start living the lives we have only imagined. Let its energies help you travel along your highest spiritual path and not get caught up in old stories you are used to telling, because they are not necessarily accurate from your new perspective. Redefine your future by manifesting your own destiny. These energies will provide you with the mental clarity to take on all of life’s circumstances that may require a brief detour. Not to worry, you have fortitude crystals to help you get back on track while maintaining your vitality. You are perfect…and this is the stone to help you realize that!

Great stone for: people embarking on new challenges needing a boost in their determination to persevere; serious people that don’t realize they are perfect and need to learn to laugh with life and be less intense; people that get caught up in their ego and worry about disappointing people instead of recognizing they are loved; and pretty much everybody I have met or will meet in my journeysJ. It is a universal stone in my world!!

Chakra: Deep red aventurine stimulates and soothes the root chakra which is the one that makes you know you are treasured. The lighter hued version, which I love, reminds me of a sunrise, and works on your root and sacral chakra bringing joy and creativity to your life…and that is your birthright sweet one, never forget it!!


“I shall embrace each moment of my life with joy and accept that everything else should be discerned as ever-changing circumstances.”


Aventurine (green)

green aventurine, stone, mala beads, good luck, heart chakra, strength of heartThe Stone of Opportunity. This is a crystal that is purported to not only ‘stand’ but also to ‘deliver’ LUCK! Truth be known, it is your motivation, your perseverance and your imagination that manoeuvres the obstacles that stand between you and success BUT the stone is there to remind you of your amazingness. Also rumoured to boost your leadership abilities, help you see the humour in all life reveals and make decisions without too much wavering. I feel deeply this beautiful heart stone gives you the strength of heart to do what must be done. Who can’t use a little back up that way?

Great Crystal for: those of us that struggle with decision-making; anyone needing a little boost to hang in there ‘just a little longer’; harried people looking for a wee bit of relief from our hectic, stressful lives; wonderful people unable to let go of heartache or unhealthy thought patterns; and people experiencing upheaval in their lives; and lastly but most lovingly, those persons suffering emotional wounds.

Chakra: Strong delivery for the heart chakra: comforts, activates, heals, calms and protects.


"I am worthy and open to receiving all life has to offer."

To infinity and around the Milky Way!

Pink Aventurine Stone Mala Beads

Aventurine (pink)

The stone for those wishing sweet release. This sweet, subtle crystal stimulates the high heart bringing us to a place of greater acceptance of our dharma. It is a great liberator, allowing us the freedom to let go of those ‘things’ we feel trapped by, after all, those are just stories we tell ourselves…what if we recognized them as a well-spun tale with absolutely nothing to do with us? A greater sense of well-being and belonging is pink aventurine’s super power energy.

Great crystal for: travellers on a spiritual journey; people who choose to relive the same moment because it is familiar; seekers of greater freedom; lovers seeking lovers; and, persons wanting to recognize and live a heart centred life.

Chakras: Wonderful crystal for stimulating the heart (of course), base and crown chakras.