Azurite-Malachite Stone Mala Beads

It is an exceptional crystal which conducts the energies of both crystals, Azurite and Malachite, making for one powerful rock. The blue azurite stimulates and facilitates the movement of energy throughout the body bringing peace and calm to your system. The green of malachite works to clear dis-ease in the heart, clearing out those things that no longer serve, or rather, issues that seem to keep us stuck. Combined these two promote an easy commute between the heart and the 3rd eye chakra, bringing deep meaning to our meditations and powering up our intentions. This smooth communication allows us to move forward on our transformational journey.

Great Crystal for: those wanting to go deep into meditation; people with a heavy weight on their shoulders that need spiritual and heartfelt release; travelers seeking transformation and liberation; beautiful souls seeking spiritual guidance; people seeking to speak their truth with gentleness and grace; people looking to re-awaken their intuition and physic abilities, and all who want to continue seeking their inner truth using healing, powerful energies (who doesn’t??).

Chakras: this fantastic crystal stimulates the third eye, throat and heart chakras allowing for a powerful healing to occur.


“I am welcoming of all that crosses my path and seek the lessons to be learned in those moments.”