Beryl Stone Mala Beads

This soft, luminescent, diversely coloured crystal is a beautiful mimic of life itself. Its natural state is clear. It is the impurities absorbed over time that gives this beautiful gem its unique beauty. Kind of like our journeys! Beryl is a collection of pastel loveliness: its colours are pink, which is known as Morganite; blue or blue green from the aquamarine family; gentle yellow Heliodor; green from the emerald clan; and the almost colourless white, which is called Goshenite. Following from this premise of transformation with beautiful affects, it only makes great sense that multi-coloured Beryl brings clarity to our existence, revealing the time and place for all to unfold when we truly surrender to what will be, not ‘should be’. With this boost of focused energy it is far easier to deal with stress, and move forward.

Great Crystal for: great thinkers that spend much time ‘analyzing’ things; lovers seeking to renew their loving dispositions; sweet souls that find themselves overcome with thoughts that shake them to their cores; persons needing calming; people affected by sensory overload; and persons that love the gentle energies emitted by these crystals.

Chakra: Because of the diverse colouration, Beryl opens and activates the Crown Chakra and Solar Plexus Chakra. The heart and throat Chakra also are stimulated by the morganite and aquamarine.


“I am continuously in the embrace of divine love.”

Just snuggle in and be.