Blue Calcite Stone Mala Beads detoxification

The attraction of this beautiful stone is only surpassed by the amazing energies it brings forth. Calcite is great for helping you boost everything…it functions like an amplifier. It will speak to your soul, soothing inner turmoil, bringing with it joyful inner peace, while serving to keep you protected and grounded. Let it function as a spiritual and physical ‘de-toxer’, ridding you of negative emotions and energies and helping you achieve your best physical habits.

Great Crystal for: people that are feeling a little ‘off-centre’; potential astral travelers; those seeking to embrace their inner wisdom and inherent spirituality; beautiful souls caught up in fear and stress; people needing to accentuate the positive journey they are taking; and, people seeking to recognize and cherish their joy.

Chakra: Clear Calcite functions to bring all chakras into balance. Blue calcite stimulates and soothes the throat chakra helping you communicate your truths in a kind and compassionate way.


“I seek to find the joy in each moment of my life and communicate with love and compassion to my fellow spiritual travelers.”