The Singers Stone

Carnelian Stone Mala Beads

The powerful energies from this beautiful sunset hued stone, gives the old vitality a boost, re-motivating you and getting the old noggin’ thinking about greater pursuits. Also a great force field for your spirit against the 3 nasties: envy, rage, and resentment whether it is yours or someone else’s.

Great stone for: insecure people that might practice jealousy; siblings with great rivalry; athletes looking for a boost; people looking for a little ‘mellowing out’ to help them ‘go with the flow’; people looking to have their creative mojo re-awakened; and, anyone looking for a little energy to promote positive life choices.

Chakras: The Sacral Chakra is stimulated by the wearing of carnelian, also good at healing any blockages in the base chakra.


“I accept all life offers with joy, grace and courage.”