Citrine Stone Mala Beads

This beautiful, sunshiny yellow gem is wonderful for helping you exercise your personal power and assert your place in this world. This is most definitely a power stone. It is a stone of rejuvenation and promotes abundance, helping rid you of unnecessary fears that may plague you because you recognize them for the illusion they are. Citrine’s energies help you manifest your dreams or desires into action. Clarity is the greatest gift of Citrine and this gift will spill over into all aspects of your life. Use this beauty to find and claim your joy!

Great crystal for: people needing to improve their relationships, both personal and business; unrealized artists desiring a creative boost; amazing humans that cannot see their magnificence for the dark thoughts; and, those of us wanting to liberate ourselves of anger, fear and not so great behaviours. ( yep that would be us all at some time!).

Not a great crystal for: people who tend to gossip or are aggressive as Citrine amplifies these traits.

Chakra: this crystal activates and opens up your solar plexus chakra and for the crystal hounds amongst us....also your navel chakra! These golden rays can also stimulate the crown chakra which means that the energy flowing between those chakras is energizing your true life force!


“My life is full of blessings. I am perfect and possess all the wonderful potential I require to continue on my path.”  

If you cannot say this to yourself, then hear my are perfection and you are much loved!