Builder Talisman

Coral Mala Beads

Not really a crystal as it has no crystalline structure but we love it nonetheless! Coral has great energies for use in meditation or when visualizing. It can be used to assist us ‘build up’ things we may visualize for our future….not that there is anything wrong with the now. Meditating with coral will allow us to discover our hidden strengths and take on the world in all its complexities. It is a child of the water and therefore brings the fluidity of the ocean.

Good talisman for: artists, and others active in the creative arts seeking energy and inspiration; undiscovered goddesses; sea lovers wishing to connect with the power of the ocean; control freaks that need a break from coordinating the world…let your talisman take over that process naturally.

Chakra: The colour of coral used is strongly associated with the chakras they correspond to, e.g. red coral is associated with the base chakra and harmonizes the complications that can arise between our emotions and basic instincts.


"Today will be exactly as the universe intended and I will be grateful for the gifts it brings."