Dalmatian Stone

The Stone for Joyful Fun

Dalmation Stone Mala Beads

This spotty little stone looks like the dog and from everything I can discern encourages the same crazy joy that personifies those beasts. Dalmatian stone imbues a sense of encouragement to those beginning new adventures/projects/challenges and with that, the wherewithal to deliver it with passion and energy. While reminding people to enjoy life with the abandonment of a child, it also encourages the strengthening of relationships through achieving harmony.

Great Crystal for: loving but over-analytical people; vital people that need to be reminded to see the joy in their life’s journey; people afraid of the ‘boogies’ under the bed/closet; serious persons who have forgotten how to play; those persons wanting greater harmony with loved ones; and, in short, everyone you know!

Chakra: Big influence on the Base, Sacral and Earth Chakra. Strive to get these in balance and remind yourself to live life and enjoy the moments.


"I am capable of letting joy colour my entire journey."

Bon Voyage my friend!