The Crystal of a New Perspective

Floiurite Stone Mala Beads

This is one of those handy little crystals that we should carry in our pockets to calm anxiety, stave off worried thoughts and provide clarity of thought to assist us in making sense of conflicting ideas or thoughts that arise. Fluorite is great at de-cluttering our mind and provides structure to our ideas and thoughts while inspiring our creativity to pursue new possibilities. Phew!

Great crystal for: absent-minded professors, the wives of absent-minded professorsJ; people that fear making incorrect decisions; truth-seekers; health minded persons wanting to focus on structuring life to include healthy pursuits (yoga); those needing gentle healing after medical trauma (mommas and babies, surgical patients); artists with a creativity block; writers who have misplaced their muse; and everybody else requiring help to objectively think things through.

Chakra: Stimulates the crown chakra helping us achieves balance in our values and beliefs which in turn allows us to weather the storm without being thrown off course. Also a very powerful stone for balancing the Third eye/Brow Chakra by providing the energy for us to objectively process what we see with a heightened perception encouraging positive internal chatter leaving us open to new ideas.


“I am content with what life has to offer and am flexible to new ideas.”

I wish you nothing less than a gratified existence.