The Stone of Health

Garnet Stone Mala Beads

This is a very old crystal that has been used as a talisman since ancient times and as a result, has become utilitarian in its uses! Most importantly, the garnet crystal is used to heal emotional imbalances, improve the libido, inspire love, bring hope and courage to those suffering from sadness, and if that wasn’t enough, it is a luck stone for love, success and business relationships! Its beautiful depth of colour helps us to recognize the immensity within ourselves.

Great Crystal for: people needing lightness in their existence (yep that would be us all); not-so-lusty lovers, people needing some calming in the storm; enlightened people looking to let go of negative, ingrained behaviours; and, anyone looking to have their energy, serenity or passion brought into balance.

Chakra: This is a re-energizing crystal and gives the old boost to all the chakras clearing out that old negativity weighing you down. Garnet can be used most specifically to balance the sacral chakra when needed. Did I not say it was a legendary stone?


"I am open to receiving the light that surrounds my being."

Shine on my twinkling star!