hematite mala beads

A very protective stone, it is a great little talisman to carry with you during time of stress/worry as protection against negative energy and to help you stay planted on terra firma. This is a ‘feel good stone’ as it will allow you to seek your own uniqueness and to rid yourself of self-imposed limitations while keeping you grounded. Hematite is wonderful for releasing energetic blockages within our bodies that have accumulated over time (magnetic).

Great crystal for: people seeking balance; easily distracted people; traveller’s seeking epiphanies; people needing a more positive groove; uncooperative individuals; and anyone else seeking relief from stress or worry. Not a great crystal for-people that wear a pacemaker as there could be a magnetic charge in the crystals.

Chakra: Good for working with Root Chakra to transform negative energies into ‘sunshine and lollipops’!


‘I will always seek the calm in the eye of the storm because that is where my greatness resides.’

Betcha’ you have a mansion, right?