Stone of Awareness

Howlite Stone Mala Beads

Alrighty, this is one of those sweet stones that stimulates your crown chakra but it’s great at balancing all chakras as well as those emotions you just can’t seem to reconcile. Sometimes the familiarity of those feelings keeps us in a comfortable groove. Howlite will help you ‘cut the cords’ on negative attachments which always seem to bring emotional baggage with it. You can leave the baggage at the curb and move on…no attachments or aversions, just open to receive. Let these sweet energies help you calm all emotions and let peace roll over you.

Good crystal for: people who just can’t let go of the past, highly analytical people that appear critical: people looking to stimulate their creative side; astral travellers; people whose feet need to touch the ground more; and, anyone who wants to feel comfortable in their own skin.

Chakra: Primary association with the Crown Chakra but it will soothe them all.


“With each positive thought I define the events of my life.”