The Dreamstone

good luck, talisman, burmese jade, quality jadeJade has been with us forever as a good luck talisman and so we tend to dismiss it as common which is such a shame. It is known to assist one in getting past the symptoms of our dis-ease and get right to the cause of an ailment. Good for self-healing and working on those spiritual things with tranquility so we can get rid of those things we consider ‘bad’ and the wisdom to welcome those things we value. In short Jade provides the clarity for us to recognize what we need is contained within, we just have to be still and listen.

Great crystal for: people lacking self-confidence; friends; anyone needing a good luck talisman; easily distracted people; students needing help filtering information; people challenge by the decision-making process.

Chakra: Jade is great at putting the old Heart Chakra back in balance. That part of your body does so much work, it deserves the attention


"I recognize and celebrate the beauty in all the moments of my life and seek harmony within myself."

I do love celebrations.