Kunzite Stone Mala Beads

To me this tender pink crystal exemplifies the subdued, unassuming and beautiful nature of love and joy. This is a wonderful stone for promoting all love: self-love, love of your fellow person, love of family, love of your cherished one, love of nature, etc., etc., etc.. Let’s face it; we are kinder, gentler and more patient when we approach everyone we encounter with kindness and compassion. We realize our perfection in that very moment and it encourages us to continue to act that way to maintain that feeling!! What a gift to make people feel treasured and loved!!! I truly believe we shine and show as much depth to those we encounter in these loving moments as these quiet luminescent pink stones do upon inspection.

Great Crystal for: athletes looking to promote heart and joint health; striving people that need an extra boost to rid themselves of anxiety or fears of the future; beautiful people needed a little reminding of life’s infinite potential; awesome people who need to be more self-tolerant; and, people who need to be more tolerant of others.

Chakra: The beautiful pink of Kunzite is liberating for your heart chakra, healing old wounds you thought you had moved on from and opening it up for more love and more forgiveness. It is infinite in its ability to grow bigger and stronger!


“I am love and will embrace those I meet today with compassion and understanding.”

I do hope I am blessed to meet you on your spiritual path! Namaste beautiful soul….