Kyanite Stone Mala Beads

This mesmerizing stone is just perfect in my eyes. It never has to be cleared and can be used to help cleanse other crystals. Its energy is limitless and therefore a handy stone to have during your spiritual journey. Kyanite promotes communication whether this is during difficult conversations that require you reconcile differing values and beliefs to a higher good, or helping you articulate your truth with gentleness and grace. This stone will help you speak with loving kindness and we all need to make that our priority.

Good crystal for: cherished people who have lost their way; people that need a little confidence in public speaking; those of us wishing to speak with loving kindness; brave souls seeking to stop cycles of self-destructive behavior; people in combative relationships that want to seek more harmonious communication; those of us wishing to open up that inner dialogue to embrace our intuition and be at peace with our life’s purpose.

Chakra: Kyanite unlocks the throat chakra allowing the energy being put forth by the other chakras to flow like a river.


“I will speak with love today because that is where my path takes me."