The Stone of the Northern Lights

Labradorite Stone Mala Beads

This is a proudly Cana­dian crystal and one I love to design with! I love the blue rainbow that is gifted when it is exposed to the light. This baby is sci-fi in nature surrounding your aura with a protective force and powering up your natural internal ener­gies: A spiritual immunity booster! Labradorite provides a safe harbour for recognizing and accepting those personal traits that make us feel less than adequate and supporting our intuitive wisdom by getting to the issue at hand. It is a no-nonsense crystal that also emits energies of uplifting hope.

Great Crystal for: loved people that cannot see their greatness for fear of having to look away from shame or depression for a minute; those that find their work environment a wee bit hostile; impulsive children/teenagers that can be led down the garden path; and, seriously wonderful people that need to be reminded that life is not drudgery.

Chakra: This is a powerful crystal for helping to balance the throat Chakra, which in layman’s term’s serves as the release valve for the other chakras. If their energies cannot be expressed through the throat chakra ‘we have a problem Houston’.


"I am capable of loving introspection and can forge my path to peace with all I have been provided."

Walk softly and carry big joy!