Lapis Lazuli

The Stone of Universal Truth

Lapis Lazuli Stone Mala Beads

Another Ancient stone, but this is a stone meant to stimulate our wisdom, judgement and honesty of the spirit. So in short, here is a crystal that promotes we use our enhanced intellectual ability to arrive at our inner ‘truth’ and use the resulting self-awareness and acceptance to obtain relief when necessary. It is also a power stone for those in positions that require wisdom and judgement, stimulates our creative side, enhances memory, and brings harmony into relationships.

Great gemstone for: homes where sometimes the chaos is not resulting from loving conversations; lovely people with foggy memories; persons wanting to commence a spiritual journey and observe their personal power; people required to make decisions and need their higher mind stimulated (yeah right, who doesn’t); seekers of a higher truth; artists seeking fame; know-it-alls that really don’t; and, persons seeking to let go of stress and embrace peace and serenity.

Chakra: The brow (third eye) and throat chakra are activated by Lapis Lazuli. The third eye/brow receives an energy that allows it to filter out the not so important stuff so you can focus on what really is in front of you and not the noise which will allow you to communicate clearly and truthfully with others (even when angry!).


"I am honest, compassionate and forthright in my approach to myself and others."

Always start with kindness at home in your heart.