Lava Rock (Basalt)

lava rock, diffuser, essential oils, energy, fertilityA stone of protection, strength and fertility


Lava Rock Basalt Stone Mala Beads

This little volcanic treasure is rumoured to provide a sense of stability during changeable times, while also delivering energy, by virtue of the fire element from the process that created it, imbuing the wearer with passion and assertiveness. Like Obsidian, Lava rock allows the wearer the opportunity for introspection by revealing negative aspects which require modification. The dark colour also serves as a grounding influence, allowing you to feel stable and secure when you examine the abundance that is your life!

Great crystal for: people that need guidance and understanding to bounce back; initiates of meditation as the texture of this stone heightens the experience; people who keep having the rug slipped out from underneath their feet; female lovers wishing to become a momma; not-so-lusty lovers; couch-potatoes needing a boost; and people in need of anger management. 

Chakras: Stimulates the crown chakra helping us achieve balance in our values and beliefs which in turn allows us to weather the storm without being thrown off course.


“I welcome my past and will approach each day with passion and assertiveness.”

Look out world!