Malachite Mala Stone Beads

Oh this green beauty is full of an intuitive power that is evident in its ‘eye-like’ appearance. It peers into and speaks directly to your heart. Malachite it a multi-purpose stone and will serve your highest need, which is different for us all! For those on a spiritual journey it will help rid you of what no longer serves. It will reach deep down into your being and purge those undefined feelings that need to go. It is a reality stone which encourages surrender with support. No need for aversions or attachments when malachite is around… it’s all the same.

Great crystal for: those in service to others requiring divine energy to sustain their work; travelers on their spiritual path; seekers ready to be accountable and rid themselves of feelings/beliefs/passions that no longer serve their higher purpose; forgetful dreamers that want greater recall of their nocturnal visions to manifest their passions; brave souls seeking change and wanting to embrace their birthright to the collective consciousness; friends and lovers of mother earth.

Chakra: this is a sincere heart chakra stone and like the heart absorbs energies both good and also those that require release. Owners of malachite must but be sure and cleanse this stone regularly to ensure it stays vital and clear, ready to perform its great gift of selflessness.


“My path is paved with love, compassion and wisdom.”

What a beautiful walks that must be!