The Travellers Stone

Moonstone Mala Beads

This wee bit of rock opens our hearts to nurturing and prepares us to accept love by deflecting negativity and easing emotional trauma. We all develop emotional patterns that are tough to conquer. Moonstone crystals emit energy to moderate these uncontrollable passions and inspire confidence and composure. It invites a sense of balance into our context and who doesn’t need that on a transformative journey. Also used as a fertility crystal if worn during the natural lunar cycle.

Great crystal for: young couples ‘practicing’ hard for a baby; real men desiring to get in touch with the right side of their brain; children suffering from nightmares; weary travellers sleeping in another bed; those travelling by water or road at night; people needing to work on their patience; and women trying to balance those darned hormones.

Chakra: the Crown Chakra can be stimulated by the white crystal energy in all Moonstones. When the Crown is in balance all of our energies are as well. Also great for cleansing negativity from all the chakras.


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