Obsidian (Mahogany)

A stone of grounding and protection

mahogany obsidian mala bead crystal healing grounding spiritual freedom

This is the crystal to use when you want to reclaim your power. Let’s face it life is full of distractions and sometimes we need a stone of reflection to direct our attention to where it is needed, and boost our self-confidence and self-acceptance. It is a grounding stone to providing us with the strength to make monumental changes in challenging areas of our existence.

Great crystal for: people facing upheaval in their lives; amazing people lacking self-confidence; individuals required to make decisions and needing help developing their own process; loving individuals that can’t see their ‘wonder’; people with their heads in the clouds and feet missing the earth; and the rest of us desiring to focus our attention in the moment.

Chakra: none discovered during my research but I love this stone anyway….


I am all that I need to be in this moment and that is enough.

You are also the cherry on top and don’t forget it!