The Healer’s Stone

(as well as a stone of unconditional love)

Prehnite mala beads

This sweet, peaceful, subdued green crystal helps guide our energies to ensure that our willful actions reconcile with our heart’s conscience; our actions come from our best, compassionate and truest essence. Prehnite is known as a stone that will “heal the Healer,” and may aid in giving you a vital boost for personal healing. Its sweet energies soothe anxiety, fear and self-doubt that may arise from life’s spiritual, physical and mental challenges. Life is full of challenges, how you mindfully embrace them will define you! These calming energies allow you to have faith that the universe will provide and your needs will be met with abundance if you just believe (note that needs not ‘wants’ will be provided!)

Good crystal for: people starting new journeys, teachers, healers, people with big challenges which may give rise to negative emotions; lovers of meditation; analytical persons that need to liberate their compassion; beautiful souls that cannot forgive or achieve the self-acceptance needed to do so; brave souls looking to balance their heart and head; and people seeking motivation to keep their life’s journey on the same path as their heart’s values.

Chakra: This powerhouse of delicate green stimulates the heart, solar plexus chakra and when used for meditation gives the third eye chakra a wakeup call!


I will effortlessly ensure my actions are guided by my compassionate heart.