The Perfect Jewel

Quartz Stone Mala Beads

This amazing crystal will resonate at a frequency that you need naturally in this moment. It is self-adjusting…how cool is that? Long used by healers on its own or to amplify other crystals, this unassuming little stone is a powerhouse that reaches into your very being to do its mighty work. Quartz will boost all those things we always feel shorted on: perseverance, energy, patience, joy, and just rolling with the world. Quartz rocks all 7 chakras, harmonizing the colour though its vibration.

Good crystal for: people needing stimulation for their immune system; people who get car sick or dizzy; people looking to detoxify their system; person seeking clarity and positivism; and, everyone that didn’t fall into the other categories.

Chakras: Basically the Crown Chakra helping to bring our energies into balance.


Today is full of possibility and so is my potential.

blue sponge quartz mala bead crystal healing throat chakra

rutilated quartz yellow mala bead crystal healing solar plexus chakra confidence