A Stone of Gentle Healing

Rhonite Mala Beads

A Love stone with a specific purpose! Use this lovely little pink stone when facing challenges that may result in self-destructive behaviours or incite your anger. No need to use your tongue. The energy in this little stone will help you bite back those words that will haunt you later! This is the stone to use if you wish to work on emotional healing by nurturing your inner self and opens one up to forgiveness and reconciliation. It will help you become who you were meant to be and reach your full potential while fostering your talents outward in the spirit of cooperation and community.

Great crystal for: people who work, or wish to work, in the service of others; life travellers that have lost their way; people quick to anger and quicker to say things they will regret; tired souls that require spiritual sustenance; wonderful people with unhealthy thought patterns; people experiencing upheaval in their lives; and lastly but most lovingly, those persons suffering emotional wounds.

Chakra:  Rhodonite’s crystal energy stimulates the Heart Chakra and arms us with love and compassion to be our truest selves in the outside world. 


I am a loving child of the universe and will open myself up to forgiveness.

You are so loved for being so and never, ever forget it!!