Ruby in Zoisite

ruby inn zoisite matrix mala bead crystal grief undying love

This crystal is a matrix, and within you can see the beautiful ruby crystal within the Zoisite. It is a stone of great complexity and its energies will allow you to move forward when feeling stuck. It takes negative emotions and alters it into a positive force for action. It is a talisman which will reveal your inner strength. It is a powerful stone for allowing you to open up to your spiritual side.

Great crystal for: grieving people needing assistance to release pain, embrace spiritual comfort and passionately follow their life’s path; people who may tend to overreact to situations; people seeking their spiritual guides or wanting to increase their psychic abilities; people seeking to energize and emerge from a lethargic period with a boost of creativity; beautiful people that cannot fathom their beauty and abilities; lethargic lovers looking for a wee boost of sexual desire.

Chakras: when I hold this stone, it speaks and embraces my heart chakra, but it is also known to simulate the crown chakra. How wonderful to think there is a stone which could create a clear path from the heart to the Crown chakra!

I will embrace each moment with wisdom, compassion, and grace. That is my power.

You are the kind of superhero I would love to meet!