Smokey Quartz

A Stone of Power

Smokey Quartz Mala Beads

When worn in an environment of chaos and confusion, this little high energy quartz of tackles and defeats the dastardly arch enemies: tension, stress, anxiety, panic attacks, worry, unspoken resentment, fatigue and negative thinking! This little superhero banishes them to be neutralized….yeppers this is one powerful little quartz, hence the handle as a stone of power. Not only is it protecting you, but it eliminates the negative leaving the great consciousness unharmed.

Great Crystal for: Beautiful dreamers wanting to bring reality to the ethereal; Road Ragers (yep); persons wanting to create a safe space in a hostile work environment; distracted people; people caught up in a world of chaos and confusion; people coasting now thriving; initiates to meditation that want to quiet the mental chatter; people living in the future and not the moment; and everyone!

Chakra: Smoky Quartz works to bring the base chakra into balance by promoting the balance of physical and spiritual energy by absorbing and altering negative energy.


I am capable of living in the now.

So much easier than worrying about things that may never, ever, ever happen…