sodalite, spiritual path, intuition, third eye

This sweet little blue stone brings a great deal of comfort and focus to those that choose to use it in their meditation. It works like a sunblock for the soul letting positive energies in and keeping those negative energies away. Let the peaceful properties of this stone follow you around and allow it to promote peace and positively colour your perspective of the world both consciously and sub-consciously. It operates like a GPS keeping you on your spiritual path. Great gemstone for: athletes seeking to improve endurance; people wishing to boost their public speaking skills; lovers of peace and harmony, writers seeking a new muse; and the rest of us wanting a filter for the nasty energy that drags us down.

Chakra: Works on the Throat and Third Eye/Brow Chakra helping you get in touch with your intuition and communicate clearly.   


I am happy with the life I am living and will confidently seek change when required.