Sun Stone Mala Beads healing love and light

The energies of this soft hued sparkling beauty bring wonderful energies to you to: you will find yourself with a ‘pep in your step’, grateful for your blessings, feeling worthy of life’s gifts,  and just typically beaming like the beautiful sun this stone is named in honour of! Sunstone brings light where darkness tries to fall. Use this nurturing stone to help you demonstrate your leadership qualities and also help keep you committed to any health regime you embark upon.

Great Crystal for: undiscovered leaders; people choosing to take control of their health; strong people that haven’t discovered their fortitude and seek it in others; people mourning the loss of a loved one; people who can’t quite accept the gifts of the universe because of anxiety or stress; people needing protection; those looking to reconcile their heart and will to allow them to live in harmony; and, people that are going through challenging times that need to be reminded of the light.

Chakra: Excellent at clearing and cleansing all chakras. but gives that old base and sacral chakras helping you claim your will, joy and become a leader.


I am everything I need to be in this moment and recognize my uniqueness.

sunstone mala bead crystal healing light and love