Tiger's Eye

Tiger's Eye

A Stone of Protection

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Golden Tiger's Eye

This little gem is handy to keep around as it is purported to bring prosperity to the user: It transmits an energy that allows you to remain optimistic and insightful in all situations. Great at keeping us grounded so we can readily accept love, surprises, challenges and all the wonder life has to offer. I am pretty diligent at sneaking a little Tigers Eye into most malas I love it so much!

Good Crystal for: persons needing a little boost in creative energy; easily distracted individuals; people who cannot see all the colours of the spectrum because life is heavy; strong swimmers who are challenged by a tidal wave of extreme emotions/thoughts; idea people who need grounding to implement their wonderful plans; hopeful lottery ticket consumers; anybody else that likes a little grounding or abundance.

Chakra: Great crystal to use to stimulate the Solar Plexus chakra to boost courage when required and help transform thought into reality. Also great with the Sacral chakra to encourage up-down flow of info from the mind to body to mind making it easier to groove with the universe. Tiger eye also can be used to bring the Base or Root Chakra into balance which will help the wearer feel physically invincible.

Blue Tiger's Eye

Also known as Hawk’s eye has all of the same properties as GTE but it also heightens intuition and speech promoting an increased awareness of issues facing you. Sometimes the stress comes in not knowing the complexity of the challenge BTE’s energies will help alleviate that angst. Because of its power to heighten intuition, you will be much more open to receive knowledge which comes to you as a ‘knowing’: that innate wisdom that encircles you daily. This is a super stone for helping to heal the earth and help you get in touch with those issues that need your attention.

Red Tiger's Eye

Also known as Dragons Eye, RTE is a calming yet motivating stone to keep you grounded regardless of the tasks ahead of you. Maintain your sense of stability and balance for  yourself and those you asupport. You will do so with a sense of calm that will be reassuring, even for you when doubts arise. This is a great stone for: people who have a great challenge to face; beautiful people who need to be reminded they are full of peace and harmony; people who are a pillar for those they love; all of us! This beautiful red crystal provides a boost to all of the lower chakras, allowing the wearer to remain grounded and approach life with fluidity and grace.


I will approach my future with grace, hope and objectivity.’

Now for the hockey fans in the crowd, that is a ‘hat-trick’ if ever there was one!

golden tigers eye mala bead grounding crystal