There is something magical about this crystal, it feels like it washes you clean, and indeed it is working to rid your body of things that do not serve you and bring in positivity. Tourmalines are unique: all colours can develop in unison in the same area. They are a crystal of innate diversity. As such, I feel they are a ‘whole’ and try to use as many of the colours as possible when crafting, to keep their magic alive. If we have to generalize, they are a crystal that enhances your intuition, embraces your spiritual side and increase that awareness; eases hurts and wounds which are housed in our being; and brings balance to our thoughts allowing us to think clearly. Great crystal for: people wanting to bring ritual back into their lives; queasy people that get motion sickness; health-minded individuals seeking liberation from sickness; computer bound creators; those of us seeking a positive energy boost(and that would be us all); and people seeking great relaxation.

Chakras: Each stone colour stimulates a different chakra so I have individually addressed:

Pink an activator of the heart chakra, it will encourage compassion, attract love and friendship, reduce anxious behaviour, and heal deep wounds that we have experienced in this lifetime.

Red is an activator of the root chakra, this is the colour to draw strength of “being” from. It is super for making you feel protected, treasured, 
determined and increases your sense of belonging.

Green an activator of the heart chakra, will give you physical and mental strength of heart to do those things in life that inhibit your Self. Being
 green it is a rejuvenating stone as well and can stimulate your creative side. Also good for those seeking success in undertakings and may even bring more abundance into your life.

Blue is an activator of the throat chakra: this stone promotes peace and is an aid for meditation and especially appealing to those wishing to delve
deeper into their being.

Black is an activator of the root chakra: this solid crystal is used to promote a feeling of groundedness so you can truly sit in awareness and
acknowledge the abundance that is your life. Really focus on your black tourmaline’s protecting powers to enhance its energies.

Watermelon is an activator of the heart and higher heart chakra: this gemstone’s sole purpose is to bring balance and unity to all those things we
feel bring duality to our lives: mental/physical balance; heart/mind; male/female energies and mind/spirit.