Crystals & Gemstones:

Every crystal has its own vibe going on and it is important that you pick one that supports your intention and energy for your journey. These descriptions are in no way all-encompassing and are merely my interpretation of a stone’s energies from months of research and working with them. I know there is a whole science happening with gemstone selection. Once again, not being a purist, I firmly believe your old subconscious will be attracted to what is good for you and maybe that rock is where your intention should be housed. I truly feel you will intuitively be drawn to what will work for you. It is important to make that personal connection. Don’t be too cerebral about gemstone selection. If you can, take the opportunity to hold the gemstone in your hand and see how the surface feels against your finger pad. Follow your gut. You can begin trusting your innate wisdom and lean into your intuitive energy and experience how much easier things feel when they unfold! It is something new, so be patient with this process: it is a challenge to our intellect.