Always Surrounded Crystal Mala wil pink tassle on beach
Always Surrounded Traditional Mala
Always Surrounded Mala with essential oil pendant detail
Always Surrounded Crystal Mala detail of beads
Always Surrounded Traditional Mala
Always Surrounded Traditional Mala

Always Surrounded Traditional Mala

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Crystal Mala Healing Description & Intention

Agate-Chrysocolla-Smokey Quartz-Rose Quartz-Rosewood

Designed to keep you surrounded with positive energies while you travel this dharmic path, this mala rises to the challenge. Crystal energies vibrate high and one can see in its simple beatify that it is up for a ‘road trip’ of constant love, protection, the divine goddess, stability, balance and positivity! They integrate beautifully to remind you that there is safety when you look within…that is home. You can always touch your mala and realize that peace and calm reside within, you just have to surrender. Chrysocolla reveals innate wisdom within; Agate is the bringer of stability and balance; Rose Quartz opens your heart to healing and acceptance of more love, and sweet reliable Golden Tigers Eye brings protection and grounding so that you might stand in wonder at the blessings and abundance in your life.


'I seek to follow my dharma, enlivening passion by living my truest Self. May I give of my heart tirelessly knowing I am surrounded by divine.'

Mala Design Details:

Length from back of neck-centre to top of guru bead in front - approximately 15"

  • add 5" for guru bead with 92.5% bead caps and 4" silk tassel 
  • approximately 2 inches for pendant.

Designed with quality 6mm semi precious gemstone beads, 92.5% Silver silver metal alloys.