Wrist mala with cobra jasper
Wrist mala with cobra jasper detail
Wrist mala with cobra jasper close up

Sweet God/Goddess Wrist Mala

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Crystal Mala Healing Description & Intention

Tigers Eye-Cobra Jasper-Rosewood 

This beautiful mala has so many wonderful energies waiting to surround and support you. Cobra Jasper vibrates strongly to remind you that you are always surrounded by divine beings: others that have gone before, to make your journey possible and pave the way. You are never alone and love emanating from them is just for you, sweet one. Chrysocolla stimulates your throat chakra allowing profound bits of innate wisdom to burst forth, helping you stay on the path of the divine feminine. You are a wise, your challenges in life have made you shiny and etheric.  Golden Tiger’s eye has been added to provide grounding influences because even the most divine can lose their way and require a little protection. The influence of the beautiful Rosewood wooden circles serves to remind you that your greatest clarity will be found when in connection with Mother Earth. Love to you sweet divine being!


'I am a divine child of the universe and speak from my heart with compassion and love.' 

What a sweet song!

Mala Design Details:

Designed with quality 8mm semi-precious gemstone beads and antique brass coloured alloys.